How to do Business in KP

Business Processes / Steps in Different Sectors of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

S. No.


 Type of Business

 Requirements / Steps to setup a business



KPEZDMC (Medium and Large Scale)

    •  Plot application form ‘*’
    •  Feasibility Report
    • Submission of Demand Draft
  1. Feasibility evaluation
  2. Letter of acceptance
  3. Payment within 15 days Lump sum Payment / Installment
  4. Site visit
  5. Receiving report of site visit and plot demarcation at HO.
    •  Provisional allotment letter
    • Submission of building plan within 3 months
    • Construction within 6 months
    • Production within 02 years


  •  Go to KPEZDMC website i.e.
  •  Go to “Plot Application” section and select “Apply Online”
  •  Fill the complete form and submit, application number will be allotted.
  •  Will receive application via email.
  •  Print the entire application, and send the signed copy to KPEZDMC head office along with Rs. 5000/- Demand draft on account of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zones Development and Management Company and comprehensive feasibility report.
  •  Signature is important on every page of the application.


  1.  Application for the allotment of plot at Small   Industrial Estate to SIDB
  2. Feasibility / Project Report
  3. Building plan along with construction cost
  4. Bank certificate regarding account maintenance
  5. CNIC copy of the applicant
  6. Memorandum / Article of Association for Private Ltd Co.
  7. Demand draft / pay order of 25 % down payment in favor of DD SIE
  8. Letter of Acceptance
  9. Construction with 03 months
  10. Production within 12 months



Small Scale Concession for Minerals

Large Scale Concession for Minerals

  1. Online application for new mineral discovery on “First Come First Serve Basis” detail are available at
  2. Open auction for reserved areas on “the basis of highest bid”.
  1. Online application for new mineral discovery on “first come first serve basis” details are available at
  •  Approx 30 working days required to process the application for the grant of mineral title.
  •  Exploration license for 05 years.
  •  Governed under KP mineral sector Governance Act; 2017.
  •   Pakistani partner required in case of Foreign investor.



  1.  Establishment of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Authority to replace TCKP under proposed KP Tourism Act; 2019. Things will be cleared once KP Tourism Act; 2019 is promulgated. However,
  2. The existing Tourism resorts / structures (TCKP ownership) are offered for leasing out under competitive bidding.
  3. Development of resort where Government Land is involved are offered to Private Sector by competitive bidding under Lease Policy; 2016 or also can be under PPP Act; 2014.


Retail Stores

  1.  In case of partnership registration required with Directorate of Industries & Commerce under Partnership Act; 1932.
  2.  No other specific requirements except NOC / License / Registration from Concerned Authority depending upon nature of business.

For Example;

        a.    Medical Stores with Health Department

        b.    Bakery business with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Safety and Halal Food Authority.


Information Technology

IT Company

  1.  Registration with FBR
  2. SECP Registration / Registration as a Firm
  3. Memorandum & Articles of Association / Partnership Deed
  4. Registration with PSEB
  5. In case of Software export, Register as Software exporter with State Bank Peshawar

Call Center

  1.  Registration with FBR
  2. SECP Registration / Registration as a Firm
  3. Memorandum & Articles of Association / Partnership Deed
  4. Registration with PSEB
  5. VOIP Services to be registered with PTA with Static IP and authorized VOIP Services Provider for whitelisting of IPs.